entomologists love malapropisms

Like our humanity, there are constraints in the hardware

that small something which reclaims the body for the sake of the mind

the french didn't have very accurate guns. But it's hard to miss with a guillotine.

"Just because we didn't have a book, doesn't mean we stopped drinking"

While you're at it, keep the floodpants belted on the Milhouse in your soul.

so much already lost. That which is not, has now been backed up

because flat text file sites should be encrypted too

this is a placeholder site

i had a dream that i started a project to rewrite apache and sendmail (and other services) in Lisp. It was called the Lisp Internet Service Project.

dude could party with a toaster oven! Life is hilarious!

my vocabulary is as bad as, like, whatever.

yay! better than pickled eggs!

bigggest. nerves.

damn i miss the structure. where is ludwig w.? i want to argue.

dear B: don't sit on cc's face. makes her sneeze.

dear cc: don't let B eat bees.

missing a house call because of work is a bitch.

damn, i think i just heard WILL AM use the radio equiv of a VNR (Video News Release: corporate-sponsored 'news' segment) about a shingles vaccine made by MERC, which just happens to be one of their biggest sponsors. Or perhaps it was NPR. Either way, i'm suspicious.

1234567890 ACHTUNG!


Seven Day Forcast for Area Code 61820: shit.

happy b-day, ccb!

I wolde I knewe how of thee I might be quitten!

it's funny because it's true

happy Pi day!

the biggetst cliff-hanger ever

The church is near, but the road is icy. The bar is far, but we will walk carefully.

sadly, i currently have an infinite Erdˆs number

vanilla soy milk, while tasty, cannot be drunk in similar quantities as chocolate soy milk.

if all of the sorority girls who get drunk this friday were laid end-to-end, i wouldn't be the least suprised.

can't focus

chainsmoking choking

wine, spaghettio o's, family guy, and samplers. don't judge me.

To Whom it May Concern:

We figure that, statistically, you might have downloaded some music off of an internet. Therefore, we are weighing our legal team (which is big and expensive) against yours (which is likely cheap, if not non-existant) in order to attempt to scam some money off of you, since our CEO wants to spend 'spring break' in the Bahamas this year.

Please make checks payable to 'RIAA' and send at your earliest convenience.

Or Else...

i have a minidisc of singer/songwriter shit, the origin of which i'm uncertain. plainly evolutionary pressures wouldn't have let this exist, so i almost belive in religious design. notice i didn't say intelligent.

easier than rehab!

When the groundhog sees its shadow we will certainly feel better about the State of the Union. -anon

"Thoroughly agitated, I sat and considered the thing from the business end of a Campari and soda."

i wish i had had the money to apply to grad school. i don't want to go a year without academics again.

on another note, it's singularly hilarious to watch the Bush to try to talk about astronomy, or other sciences. he's a retard. you heard me NSA. he's a retard. and remember (if you're listening), you tried to hire me as an intern. and give a shout out to the FBI for me. 'i don't know computism'

i just watched a recording of the Stardust Sample Return Capsule retrieval. holy fuck i love science.

i have a dreamsicle!


my public key

i take this time out of when i should be asleep before the bigest day of the semester to appreciate robert goddard and nickle bags of popcorn.

just to reiterate: south africa is now more progressive than the US

four papers, one exam, and one final, all done in the past week. now three days to study for last two finals / write one last final paper.

i'm so going to wear hotpants today.

1. Root servers are mammals.
2. Root server operators fight ALL the time.
3. The purpose of the root server is to flip out and kill people.

thanks, internets!

You have 19510.4 days left on this earth. You've already lived 31% of your life.

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur.

guy could party with a dutch oven if he wanted to.

life is hilarious!

i recently became 12.7 million minutes old

via steve, i have found this

i'm intrigued, as i wasn't aware i knew anyone who works at argus systems. aces. drop me a line. though it also could just be someone else associted with i suppose, but everyone else i know who goes through that (best of central IL's ISP) has their own domain.

i want FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE

i'm a fucking moron. i ruined it.

if ever there was an act of god, it was this

it is not impossible that we could evolve to such a state that we are capable of harvesting resources such that competition (end thereafter aggression) would no longer be necessary or beneficial to inclusive fitness. it is possible. but this leaves me hope.

i've got so many ipods coming my way. you wouldn't imagine how many websites are just giving 'em away!

thank you internets!

"Many more people have been to Europe than i have"

the word that would best describe this feeling would be 'haunted'

the limit of language is shown by its being impossible to descibe the fact which corresponds to a sentance, without simply repeating the sentance.

i think i may sleep tonight. hopefully. the problem is: will the drug-of-choice let me wake up?

oh yeah, i see everything

killing my ears with white noise: listening to fennesz in the server room

after having been given no channel for release, and not deciding to expound arbitrarily, the black chalk which choked at lungs has been forced to the bitter center. Carbon dust to cutting diamonds cold and more precise. Still the same object, but in a form less likely to be lost.
while playing with a shiny new toy, the others are more likely to be lost.

though no key has been supplied, symbols still require interpretation.

when she walks down the street, she knows there's someone watching. it's almost always me...

"we asked two federal officers about it and they were unconcerned."

cannot sleep cannot sleep cannot sleep cannot sleep cannot sleep cannot sleep

update: i now have free cable. this is bad. what is worse is that there is currently a show on the food channel which has cinemax-style soft-core porn music playing in the background. i think i may be hungry.

and the dog begins to salivate....

i am the oldest in the longest line of the already dead, as my fathers were before me.

i was walking back to my new apt from the piccadily between neil and randolf, and as i approached the intersection of neil and clark, i saw a shadow of a raised arm rise above me. 'Strange', i thought, as i myself hadn't raised my arm. so i turned and, thanks to a little training, instinctively raised my arm in a blocking position - just in time to prevent a rather large metal belt buckle from swinging into the base of my skull. 'You dumb asshole', i muttered. 'Don't fuck with me.' I looked at the guy who was trying to mug me. He looked a bit taken aback, a little frightened. I was uncertain what to do with him. call the cops? perhaps i should have, but i felt a bit sorry for him, standing there like a deer caught in headlights. I told him to start running. He still stood there frozen. 'Start running NOW!' He turned and bolted. A few strides in, his brand new straw hat flew off his head. He turned as if to pick it up, so i took a few steps towards him. He sprinted for another half a block, then stopped and turned around. I informed him to keep running.

I picked up the hat. Strangely, i wanted to give it back to him, to talk with him, see why he did what he did. Maybe i could convince him there were better ways of going about things? I looked at the hat, then tossed it into the nearest waste basket.

i wish i would have given it back to him.

just spent some time on a pet project. stupid copmuters. but new internet here we come. (btw, people who program perl are hot)

a joke that was not caught:
> sudo ping -f
PING ( 56 data bytes
--- ping statistics ---
89 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss

i split my foot dancing. step up.

if you don't think that NOVA is the best thing on tv, please email me, so i can kick the living shit out of you.

do i only love something once i hate it?

crazy boots

sometimes, i think i would like a life as a gardener

devil's claw

wavrider (an nlos wireless 'solution') rocks.

forthcoming: about a movie.

screw skype, etc. back in 2k, i was making calls to a dear friend via dialpad (sadly now a yahoo subsidiary). the first time i ever made free long distance calls without breaking the law.

not only do i like the name, but (so far) like what he has to say: dadahead

i never thought it would irritate me that blogspot users have to activate their rss feeds.

(N.B. this may no longer be the case, but as for the sites i want feed from...)

what's tha opposite of kerotine?

when i'm too sober i hesitate; when i'm too drunk, i forget

music is far too often a responce to the symptom, and not to the the problem. sadly, only very few avant garde type folks have dealt with the problem. and i think they did so on accident. I cannot lay much blame, however, as i still cannot find the correct way of laying blame on the problem.

in a room full of mathematicians, how can you tell which ones are finitists? they are the only ones who can actually get to the walls

in the new building. saw what may become my desk. in my (absentee boss') office. pwnd.

these are questions of language (and meta-language)

you cannot show me facts; you can only show me signs 'connected to' facts. some signs i don't know how to question (e.g. pain (a matter of biology/behavior)). this is an example of what convinces me.

i don't believe in anything, though i am convinced of some things. this is due to the nature in which we view the world.

Die Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist. (not to imply the reast of the text)

hey: what's the opposite of hair?

what i believe.

cannot adjust things not understood

(i want you to understand...)

i don't want to remember what i just discovered (philosophically)

damnit. missed the market

ich weifl, was die heifleste Sache ist

back. to live.


while (1) { 


apparently, they can't release the videotapes of prisoners being tortured in Abu Ghraib because it would violate the prisoner's rights under the Geneva Convention.

i, uh... or rather.... hmmm....

two hours of tng

it pains me to see either one of you, but understand: i still love both of you as friends

there is a dangerous place one is lead to in philosophy. but it will take time go get there. for now, sleep. we may be pretty damned close.

stay tuned

Wow! Scientists have discovered entropy here on our very earth! Stop the presses!

via preposterous universe

is it the insomnia again, or is it that i'm not accustomed to sleeping sober?

a shock like that would stop your heart
and other short stories.

my eyes are dried out

close your eyes you can be a space captain

too much partying. time to go back to work so i can catch up on sleep.

i'm bringing stern-faced electronic jerk-wobbling back into style

didn't drink, still saw the sun rise

ninja pants

referencing the past... i've been nicer than you'll ever notice... i was ready to rock. the question remained open. now closed. less distant past, still working on. i am the human cannon ball. as for tonight, good walking home.

i jump out of bed and have my first cigarette; it made my body feel sick but made my mind relax

i need three people so sign up to live in the best apartment in CU

pleasant pipe dream, and walking in the rain

almost like this

best search results ever


by construction with f0: (x).(0 = 0) and f2: (x).( s(x)' = t(x)' -> s(x) = t(x) ) , we obtain (@) (x).( s(x) = t(x) -> 0 = 0 )

books are better than refunds

the lion is just a myth dreamt up by the sphynx

electricity is cheaper than beer per unit energy (i used the calorie). proof forcoming.

i have written the most interesting note to myself.

there is a vacuum partition. PARTITION. 'how do you deal'?


putnam's argument against the epistemic sceptic in 'truth, reason and history', if valid, obviously discludes any way of knowing anything of an ontology outside of our own. unless he accepts his modal motivation for the iterative conception of set theory as being somehow platonic (thus throwing it via his epistemic argument out of our ontology a la benaceraf), why cannot a possible world have an axiomatic conception in which 2+2=5 is provable? in other words, how could it be [necessary](P.A. -> FERMAT) given his argument in 'truth...'? empirical necessity? if so, we're back at a finitist conception, and [necessity](P.A. -> FERMAT) would have to be stipulated (based on finitely many observations). convention, yes! arbitrary, no!

the death-blow to functionalism was when it's founder decried "meaning just aint in the head!" He seems to think that meaning is somehow based, at least partly, on the outside world. H20 vs. XYZ. If i say 'water' and some ideal possible-world version of me also says 'water' - all things beeing the same between us except that in his reality the stuff that is in lakes and rivers and 60% of whiskey is actually XYZ, not H20 - we must mean something different. According to him, it seems, we mean something different because H2O is different than XYZ. I find it hard to believe, however, assuming there is something analyzable that is 'meaning', that some empiricle object just by it's nature changes our meaning. Instead, it seems to me that it would be the case that possible-world-me would be meaning the same thing by the word 'water' despite what is being used. Use requires two components: the user and the used. The user in each case would be the same. But since the user-act is the same, perhaps functionalism could survive. The statement 'meaning is just the use of language' would have to be modified for this example to be 'meaning is just the user-use of the language'. this seems to demystify meaning, and allow for functionalism.

ah, but what if i say 'i mean just that thing there'? the thing you would be refering to would be your user-use-object of what a realist would take to be the actual object, not the actual thing. we are not directly connected to what we speak about.

would things be the same if circumstances were different? we can't know. maybe. maybe not. however, the fact of the matter is that we are in exactly the circumstances that we are in. thus it stands, and questions... remain.

Morgen du sightseerin, deutsch poppin noodle keepin. Und dorkin, spitzen cuckoo flippin, sparkin nine stein octoberfest, handercloppen frau, ya morgen sightseerin sie.

needed: 20 hours, 9 of which dedicated to specific, predetermined courses. Six of which already set out for the fall. four of the remaining eleven dedicated to thesis (awaiting approval). Another three to semantics. to do: a summer course or two. to the end: graduate in december.

i'm tired. i want to sleep. but it's hot hot humid in my room. i'm sweating sitting. i've taken off my watch. lay back couch. headphones. let the world spin turn me over turn me to sleep. insomnia straitens. standing up - facing north. there are always more images. again to sleep. no more dreams.

i lick my lips - there's still a taste... i lick my lips...

when i close my ears, all the sounds of the world stop.

sometimes it turns out we're all uselessly young.

page best viewed with Lynx Version 2.8.4rel.1

apparently, the Starbucks Delocator has had simliar problems to my own with algorithms

happy birthday. wish i were down there.

there are the scents. there are the memories. there are the empty glasses left to remind. this is the refrain.

opium start. opium finish.

really, i'm supposed to be in nashville. but instead, i am bartending happyhour tomorrow (sat). so stop on in, and help me pay my bills (i.e. tip)

i got stung by a the same wasp TWICE while i was getting into bed! my life is so much cooler than yours.

Things we like:
        * the boys
                ** with bulletproof vests
        * the girls
                ** with cellophane chests
        * riding on an executive plane
        * sitting around and getting real paid
things i know:
        * you really want it
                ** your daddy's always on it
                        *** knows just how to flaunt it
                        *** got pictures in his pocket
                        *** wants to be your lover
                        *** possibly looks just like your mother 
                        *** possibly covers you with butter
                        *** leaves you in the gutter
Things i want to know:
        * if i'm worth your time
Things to do before you die:
        * so much
Day i think i may be pregnant (again)
        * thursday (pm)

Things you should do if qualified:
	* touch my ass

i do not have a rule to follow in responce to your use of the word 'meaning'

i just had to restart my x server for the first time in 327 days. but at least my machine is still up. 346 days, bitches!

finally bending slightly with the breeze, i post:

"the theory of common descent through natural selection has been called the unifying concept for all of biology and one of the greatest scientific ideas of all time, but that was no excuse to be fanatics about it. Where were the answering articles presenting the powerful case for scientific creationism? Why were we so unwilling to suggest that dinosaurs lived 6,000 years ago or that a cataclysmic flood carved the Grand Canyon? Blame the scientists. They dazzled us with their fancy fossils, their radiocarbon dating and their tens of thousands of peer-reviewed journal articles... we had no business being persuaded by mountains of evidence."

from Scientific Unamerican

lost. in the middle. strange, punctuation! placement.

i have never been able to explain anything to myself except by use of language.

wise words from the departing: eat your greens. especially broccoli.

since this is not a text message, i can say that i miss you.

oh, now i feel bad. turns out it was
i know little about computer science...

oh well

the best follow up ever:
yo homie...we're all super indie round these parts, so saying have you
heard ben folds is like saying have you seen the sky...yes we
have...welcome to the boards, I'm Brian, and at any minute my avatar
could turn into an asshole baby eating image out 

i just can't get enough of this guy
why aren't we friends?

i know a little about computer get avatars I type evil or 
crazy or something into google images, and use whatever I 
think looks cool, could someone have been able to know, and 
thus been pissed I was using their image...

i crack myself up
and here's why
and here's the origional image

note to self: remember to burn in the flat fields

it's much like having a mental stomach-ache

the winds change often in a town constructed like this

[aside]: the break which didn't actually exist

kissing the bottle isn't nearly the same

i've decided to define a communication technique in which is impossible to divine who has provided the content [information]

i am continually tormented by the sight of tiny symbols which, when viewed, cause me to hear words in my head

my fortune for the day, found on my floor, apparently fallen from the sky:

Be open to friendhips with individuals of all ages
FACT: Methamphetamine is highly addictive. It kills
by causing heart failure, brain damage & stroke

[the reverse is blank]

someone thinks my life is far more interesting than i perceive it as being

hilbert's programme was never a bust. 'realism' and other scientorfic theorisms are a cry for the old days of platonic forms.

p.s. [unrelated]i hope the laughing stops soon

a doll head hanging just low enough. seven-year lines now adjust it to a smile. when did i forget to notice? when did i learn to wave and smile without thinking? everyday it wishes me luck, but i forget to applaud its regularity.'things are what they are' she always whispers. and yet, i forgot to listen. when did i learn to count by asking whether apples are identical with themselves?

i walk with a protractor in my pocket with the aim of always carrying with me something 'infinite'.

there is an art to the building up of suspense

vertical spooning: the fastest way to fill your livewell this time of year

there were times when i'd run around naked in the rain just to show the old folks i didn't care

we were down for a bit. now we're back. let the updating begin again

i mean 'level' left or right.

you don't have it

oops. you don't exist.

"This is a guide for those who do not want the Earth to be there anymore."

of all the referants in all the possible worlds, i had to never be causally connected to you

[edit]:i've decided that this post is funnier than i origionally intended

fuckit i am you

y y y
uoy ekil i

little flowers (can)
fulfill parts (didn't know existed

from when i escewed pragmatism:

overlaying all empirical data on a priori cognition. mapping all i see to the fundamental structures known to be true. all that is not the case is false, but a negative definition is not good enough. the concept 'truth' cannot be a priori, but there must be something that is the case which is presupposed by everything else. it would not necessarily be something one has yet ennumerated, but it must be possible to ennumerate it by walking down our line of knowledge

wow, that is senseless

i claim that all possible truth is the case.

it is left as an excercise to the reader to verify this.

Das Telefone scheint unterwasser zu sein.


'endometrial cancer'


"Grog makes the sound 'Bork' every time he shows me that particular object"

fun with old papers


remember when it was said that "you've cut off all of your hair" and "you've donned another scar"?


well now here we are. fun with nightcap. i used to wear a cap to bed. it was far too cold to sleep. the chill would lull me. too far gone. no more dreams. frozen mid-snore.
fourteen. hanging my head back-bent by the dehumidifier. there was a smell...

it was comfort. abby.
and now it's abby ale. different smell, but it would comfort me now again. what happened to that smell? that word, sweet, then bitter on my tongue. but like most others, forgotten.

until the nightcap


it's like hitting a wall of jell-o at 100 kph


i have seen too much.


temporarily taking the forums down, until a better solution to slurp&msn can be integrated. (really, i'm just to busy right now to re-point my links)

i hate msn


Merely twenty minutes ago, nauseating jhon gleefully impressed several snot-nosed iconoclasts.


i've studied the extremes of all that i've thought may hold truth within 45 minutes. and all i've found is undisputed uncertainty.

this both pleases and upsets me.

soon i will inevitably discover why this is provably so.


if one needs an empty bottle in order to play 'spin the bottle', i'd be more than happy to provide one, assuming i am provided before hand with the full bottle.


happy birthday leah!

(turns out i have to work tonight, though, so you should stop into mnm's)


i could spend an eternity being me right now, and be happy.

i wish i could do such

and as i'm writing this, that damned two-toned phone rendition of 'if you believe in life after love..'(is that cher? i don't remember) came on the brainwashed radio

hilarity ensues.


i no longer wish to sleep. i want to stay awake forever.


i've studied the extremes of all that i've thought may hold truth. and all i've found is uncertainty.

this both pleases and upsets me.

soon i will discover why this is so. .


one minute of noise.


nasty industrial disco.
throbbing puke.
flat, meandering.

let's give up
we should all give up


i had a dream about zombies. i was in belgium.

it was great


yes, this is worth the click


shout-out of sorts:
you just made my day steph. miss you too.

2005.4.2 goodnight.



convention, yes!
arbitrary, no!


"i've always been able to talk about it, just not think about it"


mmmm.... icing sugar...


i cannot revert to the old me...


i'm dancing, you're not. i'm dancing spite. you cannot achieve what i have.oh yeah, i'm also dancing old-school. think nerd.


listen to this at high volume: ended.mp3 by ELpH

i just want to point out the background static


me <= wagner <= davidson <= quine <= carnap <= wittgenstein <= russell

technically, i could make this out of fewer degrees, but this is my favorite


this may just be the first thing i ever wrote for

to publish, nothing. say nothing. how many times can i contradict myself? how many people can i get involved? let's be post-etc. how many times can i quote what i hear when i write without people knowing? i want to be anti-literary. and let's throw some photos in to be cool. let's be conservative anarcho-liberal. let's say nothing. be a part. contribute.

only then may we stop the clocks from blinking. only here do you have your voice, sung along to silence in '1's & '0's. the common way to say 'fuckit' is to not say anything. the best method is to keep talking anyway. contribute

we wear the same face to funerals as to weddings. here's your in. black tie only.

and if you post, i'll link to you

it never was put online. i just found it in a notebook i had been using on or about the same time that i started this page (back when it was still, now defunct)


though no key has been supplied, symbols still must be properly interpreted


i just figured out that shellac song


the best answer always begs the question. we try to point at what cannot be pointed to.

though the future isn't bright, it is colorful.




slapped in the face


one of these days, i want to meet a politician who represents exactly everyone who doesn't represent themselves.


how can you argue to someone that they're trapped within a knot, when you yourself are trapped as well?


happy birthday hol.

be happy


sad day as jhonn balance passed .


ich gehe jetzt


i'm hungry. but i don't want to go through the process of eating. i just want to be full. because i can't think of what to eat. now you know.


'in particular' is a particular example of the fact that i enjoy 'life' in 'particular'. there is use and mention, and there is 'use', and there is 'mention'.


my studies of algorithms has been a
miserable failure


for nothing

Bang bang, he shot me down Bang bang, I hit the ground Bang bang, that awful sound Bang bang, my baby shot me down...

thank you nancy sinatra


i come home early, to sleep, and end up singing


i come home early, to sleep, and end up drinking until bar closing anyway.


A: so, you obviously know something that i'm interested in...
B: yes, i think that that may be the case.
A: on that topic, do you plan on informing me as to what it is you know?
B: that is a possibility, though i'm uncertain as to the eventual outcome. the current plan does in fact involve the distrobution of this information, but the convention is still in session, attempting to finalize what we're going to do.
A: is there anyway i might trick you into telling me now, or perhaps in the future?
B: well, i would assume that, if caught off guard, in some distracting train of thought, or perhaps led into it with a particularly keen and mischevious series of questions, i might accidentally let out tidbits which would likely lead you to the knowledge you're asking about.
A: is there any chance of that happening now?
B: no.
A: well then, i suppose i'll end this conversation with this non-commital sentance, in order to not alienate myself to any future possibility of learning what it is you know.
B:I'll counter with this bland, non-offensive joke to convince you that there are no hard feelings.


i listened to the old messages you left me.


child rotator.


i have added, subtracted, debated, and respirated. despite all that, i'm more glad that i have binoculars.


some particular instance of what may be a general idea has seemed much more real to me as of late than the more general thesis. i think something may mean something to me...


i have never found what the difference is between sleeping quietly, and saying what you want to say.


insomnia before the first day of class never fails to (repeatedly) piss me off.


in the process of prepairing for school, i have forgotten something of utmost importance: i have not made brownies with which to bribe the professors.


you didn't wake up, so i eventually fell asleep


"scientist cannot explain the sudden atmospheric changes in Stupidity"
-mike rieger


school is about to start

today began the resurgence of students to the campus area, and, as expected, i feel the average intelligence, driving ability, alcohol capacity, amicability, and air quality of the town quickly declining. this could be attributed to my overall disdain for much i've come into contact with today, due to my strained attempts to force myself into a more class-oriented sleep schedule, but i'm reluctant to say that this is the case.


i've noted two things tonight:
(1)my friends don't save me last call anymore;
(2)i don't don't know how girls think


i'm hungry. i need food.


just now, on my way home, i observed a bumper sticker that said

'welcome to america
now speak english

bigotry issues aside, does anyone else see a problem with this? it may be different if we were in england, but as it stands, shouldn't it say 'welcome to america, now speak navajo', or something along those lines?


given what i am sure of, i am confident i will never be sure of anything (else)


it's my friend carmen, who used to live next door to me and steve. hello, carmen!


so i scanned my logs, and there's an interesting ip that keeps showing up, one on the domain. it looks like someone with a cable modem in spain. i'm more than happy to be getting the overseas hits/ thanks for visiting my site. i'm just curious, since i know most people who regular my site, as to who you may be. if you don't want to say, that's fine. but otherwise, please let me know


updating images. new splash page, links page images


the sunrise is disturbing


i met you on a power line above atlanta. we had seen each other from our windows. i desperately wanted to meet you, so i took down the meathooks which held my curtains, and, crawling out through my livingroon window, used them to steady myself between the wires. the way was long - about 300 yards - and below me swarmed the Convention. those vile people.

you looked for me from your window as you had done each day, but instead of smiling from the usual post, you caught me blinking sweat from my eyes as i slowly made my way along the lines. you opened your window, began to step out. 'be careful', i thought. 'ok' you thought in reply.

your hands having changed to grappling hooks, you glide along the wire more quickly than i, but we still meet closer to your apartment. we stop and stare only five feet away from each other (scared of electric shocks). we want to kiss. so we lean in...

the spark was enough to break the wire, dropping us miles down, quickly, quicker towards the Convention. we hold on to each other to slow the fall. '...don't want to be around them' we think.

we crash through the convention, and luckily, through a grate in the floor. i find we're in the sewer. what luck! i turn to look for you, and give a start. your heads fallen off! from my vantage point, i can see up your neck, see the blood, the muscles, the spine, the plastic frame. i pick your head up and you smile your bloody smile. too bad about the face, but oh well doesn't matter. i align your head and neck back to your shoulders, and press down untill i hear the pop of the plastic joint going back into place. rotating the metal scarf from behind your head causes it to pass over your face then, as expected, your face is back to normal.

we smile, then we kiss


i'm continually tormented by the sight of tiny symbols which, when viewed, cause me to hear words in my head


i wonder if the arms of our milkyway galaxy are fallen alseep. you know, from not having hardly moved them in so long...


i've never heard what i wanted to hear

to silence:

the beloved enemy

welcome to


time to break out of this funk...
time to wake up at 9.

time to learn

i've rarely said it but always meant it:




you have never understood jim. after the way you treated helen, it's no wonder she did what she did. even pa isn't the same.

you have never understood jim

this isn't what i am telling you


I'm sick of this shit....
i want to be in classes


case study: the various forms of thought...


ok kiddies... first major update in layout for years. let me know what you think


the joys of spam:

Subject: "Affordable web hosting,bodybuilding"


everything i do is calculated, only i use the wrong variables


all i want to do is read 'til i pass out. damned, that's some good writing


the person was sentanced today. 3.5 at joliet, plus he has to pay restitution. i am happy with this sentance. fucker. time to get yours. i feel justice has been served. oh, and i found out he was drunk, coked up, and high when it happened.


to feeling debonair; to feeling brave; to seeing the meaning behind people's eyes; to conversing with dieties; to disproving god; to seeing the humor in everything; to fading; i drink. cheers.


to slowing life's onslaught; to modifying time; to forgetting; to finding hard sleep; to sleeping on porches; to sleeping on floors; to letting go that one last thread; to drowning sorrows; i drink. cheers.


so the general states: (so it's a general statement)
so now something makes sense. and it may have something to do with MIDI. but it doesn't. for me, it has something to do with the colour red. and realizing the old chicago fire didn't involve me. who leaves a lantern where a cow can kick it over? and it's wonderful.


ok, so i know all of you are going to be watching the venus transit tonight. I likely wont get to see it live. so if you're going to be watching it, break out your digital camera, and take me some pictures. sure, i'll be watching it online already, but take them for me anyway.


there's a red-headed math-girl about 10 feet behind me... good night.


new, improved interface! it's now easier than ever to email me! just click on the 'noise' link on the right, and it will take you to a page that will email me automatically with your message! go ahead, give it a try


having trouble defining clients and managing system images? just run with it. feel the power underneath your fingertips and play around. you'll get the hang of it.

then give up and make out


the beer is good and the company's excellent.


imagine i'm getting food. imagine i have my laptop with me, so i go somewhere that has wireless access. Assume i go somewhere i've never been before, but i go because i hear they have wireless. suppose it takes them a while to bring me a drink. now think what if it only took me 20 seconds to get into their router...


let's pretend for a moment... let's pretend that everything is working as planned. what is the next step? let's stop pretending and get some food....


cherub's rock


noise, in association with Nosound Aural Damage Enterprises, anounces the finest new text group to nasally rape the scene: NOSOUNDs text group. become us

(name subject to change at any point as soon as i'm not drunk)


3 down, two to go


To whom it may concern,
I am pleased to announce your acceptance to the M.Phil graduate program at Trinity College, University of Cambridge...


unless our qualities, character, etc. have a cause, they cannot be effected. the only chance one has to change anything about themself is if who they are is governed by the laws of cause and effect (in order to be effected, there must be some cause, or effector). If this is the case, however, you no longer have freedom, all becomes deterministic.
If you take the other case, where who one is is not capable of being effected, then one still doesn't have freedom, because how free are you if you can't make any changes to yourself?


in mathematics, there are no surprises


today is a day for sleeplessness, for memory, for thought, for focus. today is a day to brush everything aside, yet synthesise it into one whole, to be grasped, maniulated. today is a day for the manifold.

today is a day to do too damned much homework


where our language suggests a body and there is none: there, we should like to say, is a spirit


in the middle of writing this, my bed calls. it's sunny and warm in my room, so i turn my fan on my bed and lay down. i can't quite sleep, but i still dream. i listen to music and go where i please.



i want you to contemplate the fact that, due to the particular economic situation in which we live, your night is going to be much less interesting.

man i don't want to go to work










$i = 1;
$time = 1;
while($time > 0) {
	$time = $time/ 2;
	sleep ($time);
	print "$i \n";


one wakes up and should feel like shit no? no. rather, the jackhammer on the temples beats out the recently familiar rhythm, and the smiles remain




music of the moment:

forever sleep in gentle turmoil